Roblox Review: Free Your Imagination

Roblox is an online platform by Roblox Corporation, where users from allover the world can create their own games. By the fall of 2021, this virtualworld numbered more than 100 million active residents. In our Roblox review, wewill talk about the main features of this project and try to find out if Robloxonline game is really a worthy competitor to Minecraft.

Graphics and Sound 

Graphics are not the strongest side of the game. The design is quitesimple, characters are similar to each other, and the rendering of objects isnot detailed. There are a few glitches, which are especially noticeable whenyou interact with surrounding objects: items can temporarily disappear or fallinto each other. At the same time, this simplicity allows you to download Robloxon almost any device with any platform.

Since the project is designed for relaxation, music is a pleasantbackground that does not distract or bother you. But almost every item in theRoblox game has its sound: from rustling car wheels to the ringing coinsfalling into your chests. If needed, you can adjust sounds in a separate tab ofthe main menu.


Unlike graphics, the gameplay is the main advantage of the platform. Youcan choose one of the Roblox games: try your hand at pizza delivery in PizzaFactory Tycoon, defeat all the creepy monsters in Monster Battle or just take awalk and meditate in the forest in Quiet Space. Additionally, you can customizeyour avatar, arrange your own home, get a pet, sing songs, dance, and, ofcourse, chat with other users.

But more importantly, you can invent and make your own game. Roblox usesits own Roblox Studio engine for this. Users can create games of any level ofcomplexity: from simple races for one player to exciting multiplayeraction-adventures. Finished projects will be available on consoles, tablets,smartphones, desktops, and virtual reality devices.

The process of creating your own world is quite simple, so both an adultand a child will cope with it. But maybe it will be a bit easier to make gameson the big screen.

Can I use Roblox for free? 

Absolutely! You can download Free Robux to your device and use it for free.However, there are in-app purchases in some games (such as upgrades oraccessories). If you want to, you can also get a premium membership that opensup additional features, such as participating in the DevEx program.

How exactly can I create a game? 

If you want to create games on Roblox, get yourself a personal account andlog into it. Then choose Create on the menu and select one of the templates;for example, Capture the Flag or Galactic Speedway. At the time of writing thisreview, there were 18 templates available. After that, the location editor willautomatically open. Here you can change the area beyond recognition: add icetrampolines of different sizes or mountain lakes and rivers, as well as setgame permissions and other settings.

The finished game can be made available to all users, sent to the archive,or made private so that no one except you has access to it. 

Are games like Roblox safe for children? 

Roblox developers work hard to create a safe digital environment forchildren. They monitor avatars’ appearance and set chat filters that blockinappropriate words or phrases. A user can also complain to the responsibledepartment for inappropriate content or message. Parents can limit orcompletely disable online chats as well.

So, for more convenient use of Roblox download PC version of this platformfrom the official website. And of course, in the game Roblox, you can make new friends. Join one ofthe themed groups at Roblox free play online with like-minded people. You canchat, take part in multiplayer raids, get support, and find out the latestnews.


Since you can get Roblox for a wide variety of devices, the controls in thegame are also different. Portable devices users interact with the game world bytaps; Xbox One gamers can use gamepads. If you decide to download RobloxWindows or the macOS version, use the keyboard and mouse. By the way, Robloxreleased a special VR version for Oculus Rift, the virtual realityglasses. 


Roblox is a game that is great for relaxing and unleashing your creativity.If you’re into sandboxes and active interactions with other users, you willdefinitely like Roblox. You can download this platform on all of your devices.Although this game cannot replace other representatives of this genre due tosome disadvantages, such as poor graphics and secondary gameplay. However,Roblox cross-platform usage, free download, and the opportunity to try yourhand at making games provide Roblox with a huge audience. So, in 2021, Robloxovertook Minecraft by the number of active users per month.